you need
  • - cloth for embroidery;
  • - hoop;
  • - a computer with a printer;
  • - tracing;
  • - carbon paper;
  • - needles;
  • - thread floss;
  • - set shriftov.-
Select the appropriate font.It should be easy to read, but at the same time be quite elegant.It can be printed font and italics.You can use different kinds of special fonts like Gothic or statute.Now you can find on the internet any font.Enlarge the image to the size you want and print.
on tracing paper mark a portion corresponding to the size of future inscriptions.If you are going to "fitĀ» name in pattern - it's time to draw.You can
use the traditional elements of the smooth surface - leaves, pyshechki and the like.Draw the first pattern around the name, and then scribble sign any letters, just to mark the place.On the marked spots translate the letters.The embroidered name capital letters are not necessary.Through blueprint move name on the fabric.
embroidery lettering and monograms most suitable double-sided surface.If name surrounded pattern, first embroider it.Actually start to embroider the name from the bottom of the first letter.Nodules or tie, do a few stitches along the center line the letters and leave the end of the thread on the front side.You close it with stitches.In one of the lower corners of the letter print on the front side of the needle, pull the thread, and then insert the needle in the other corner of the same line of the letter.Pull the thread so that the stitch was not too tight.Again, insert the needle near the place where you started the first stitch, 1-2 threads from him.Pull the thread to the needle and re-enter the vicinity of the end of the first stitch.Thus embroider the entire item.
If the letters are connected together, embroider them without stopping.If the letter or even some of their elements are not connected to each element are the same way you sewed the first.Thin elements, curls and so on. F. You can sew seam stalk.Finished embroidery, hide under the end of the thread stitches without tying knots.