you need
  • to weave a wreath require different flowers on long stems (not less than 15-20 cm).The longer the stem, the stronger will wreath.Flowers can use live or artificial.Use the colors of one or more classes, you can also add herbs to make a wreath voluminous and interesting.Yet you need a thread or a long, thin grass.
Disassemble prepared for a wreath and flowers on the grass varieties and put them in a row, in the order in which you would like to see them in your wreath.
Remove extra leaves from the stems to base wreath has not turned out too thick and uneven.
Begin to weave three or four plan
ts.They stack up together and woven into a braid.Spit can proplesti the entire length of the stems, or only do 5-6 stitches, to bond them together.This "skeleton" of a wreath of flowers.
Next start to drag through the rest of the flowers and herbs.Take the flower, attach it to the base with the outer side of himself.
Loop the stem from the bottom up, then from right to left around the bud (inflorescence).
seize the remaining length of the stem in one pile to the base.
next plaiting plant in the same way.It turns out that each successive plant attaches to the base of the previous one.
When you weave a wreath of sufficient length, not braided braided ends of stalks.
Connect first and last flowers folded wreath round, after which a long blade of grass (or thread) secure wreath, carefully entangling him in a spiral around the entire circumference.And so long as the ends of the stems do not die down smoothly.