you need
  • - pencil;
  • - paper;
  • - line
Determine what kind of bag you need: its style, color, size and shape.From what material it is made, for what purposes intended.Consider what his pockets, flaps, cut need to do, where to place them - inside or outside.Draw a sketch on paper of the future product.Now proceed to the preparation of the pattern.
for shopping or going to the beach is suitable roomy and fairly simple in execution bag made of plaschevki, jeans, tight denim, burlap, and so on. It can also crochet or knitting needles.To construct a pattern on a piece of paper, draw a large rectangle.It will sidewall products, total - 2 parts.
How to
For such bags make one long or two short handle - one on each of the side fac
es.The handle consists of two pieces of rectangular shape, which are then sewn together.The size of the rectangle depends on the desired size of the handle.It can also be connected, or weave made of decorative ribbons, belts, chains.Prepare well as the upper part of the piping bag width of 4-5 cm.
Pattern liner built for the same size minus 1 cm in length and width of the piping without adjustment.Perform paper templates for pockets inside and outside bags .Their size and shape depend on the purpose.When cutting material do not forget to leave the hem allowance.For zipper bags use zipper, tape, buttons or buttons.
To make a bigger bag, carve out a rectangular bottom and separate the two pieces to add volume to the sides.Their length should be equal to the bottom width of the bottom up, it gradually narrows to 3-4 cm. The height of the parts is equal to the height of the bag.For example, if the sidewall bags has a size of 40 by 30 cm, the size of the bottom can then be 40 to 6 cm and the item to add volume on the sides of the bottom is equal to 6 cm from the top - 3 cm and its height - 30 cm.
How to