you need
  • 1) Threads floss
  • 2) Driving weaving
  • 3) Scissors
for making bracelets from thread usually take thread floss.Buy the necessary number of colors in the store.To produce a string of baubles require 4 times longer than the length of the bracelet, plus a margin for binding thread .One hank yarn you have enough for a few baubles, if you use different colors.
Bracelet of thread is woven using the technique of macrame knots.There are many different patterns and styles of weaving.The main types of tangles are oblique and direct, and their simultaneous use.Baubles of thread can weave itself, it is possible - with lace or fram
e.Topics to be woven bracelets can be any from a variety of words and icons into symbols, ornaments and pictures of animals.
To start work out the simplest weave bracelet of eight thread oblique and direct weaving.Yarn take different colors to quickly understand and remember the essence of weaving.
before my eyes, you should have a diagram of weaving.To do this, you need to purchase a book or computer program.The scheme can also be downloaded from the Internet or ask friends who engaged in weaving.
Before you go to the very weaving, attach the ends of the thread knot, braid braid, or make a loop using braid.The second end after the bracelet is ready, treat similarly.Fenichka may be implemented as fastens the strap as the clock.It is - how prompt fantasy.In the process, attach the end of the bracelet, so it does not twist (you can tailor a pin to pin to something soft).
begins to weave.Even if you think that the scheme does not clear, try it!And you're sure to learn.