you need
  • Tracing paper, pencil, ruler, centimeter, cloth, Slip Zipper, thread and scissors, sewing machine.
The first thing you need to do pattern conceived dresses.To do this, ask someone to help you take off measurements.Plans to make the best tracing.The difficulty of tailoring depends on the style.If you are not a very experienced seamstress, you initially choose a simpler model.The logs cutting and sewing is now generally indicate the degree of complexity of each product. simple little dress or summer -futlyar -Mike dress is always in fashion, and the complexity of the sewing - minimum.
How to sew a short
look at the default settings of your size in the magazine.It is possible that the waist and hips you fall into different sizes.In this case, transferring the pattern onto tracing paper, drawing Adjust yourself.But dress then sit on your figure as the cast.
Fabric choose to your taste and color.Before cutting the fabric must be washed, dried and ironed.Move the selected pattern to the material and cut parts SEAM.
Baste contrasting thread seams on the car all the biggest pitch (stitch) and do fitting.First, baste tucks on the bodice and at the waist.Then all the other joints.If your dress has sleeves, they need to sew the seams and tack in to the armhole.Sleeveless shoulder sections will seem much larger than the armhole (if you are not familiar with the basics of sewing).It is not the fault of the cut.Just arm near the shoulder must be pripasazhivat, ieslightly prisbarivat when sewing sleeves for a good fit.
How to sew a short
During fitting mark the line of the hem of the dress.Improperly selected length can spoil the impression of attire.Try dress with the shoes with which you intend to wear it.And once again specify the length.Very short and very beautiful - not the same thing.Keep this in mind if you'll shorten the length.Remove the extra inches in volume, adjust dress on a figure.Short dress made on the figure - it's like your second skin.Therefore, all the cut line must be perfect, and very smooth seams.
After all, "adaptations" to take her sewing "on white".All seams are stitched constant stitch in the same sequence - darts, side seams, sleeves.Then the whole basting removed.Staple darts, you need to iron them immediately.If your dress provided zipper sewn into it first.The seams are sewn and iron out.At first, the sleeves are sewn side seams, sleeves and hem and then stitch them in armhole.
How to sew a short
next stage pull up the bottom of the dress, and then baste the hem a hidden seam.If the model allows, you can defer hem on the machine.
And finally - the processing of the neck.Depending on the style you must choose to process piping or binding.If you sew the easy option - dress -Mike, you can manage and piping.If your style requires the strengthening of the neck, select the piping.Piping, a cut in advance, strengthen Dublirin, sew the neck front.Then unscrew the wrong side, and prometayte proutyuzhte.You can make stitching on the edge of the neck, if it allows the style.A sound dress ready for you.
How to sew a short