you need
  • - Atlas;
  • - satin ribbon;
  • - lace
  • - decorative cord;
  • - beads.
It is easy to manufacture bonbonniere a pouch can be made from satin, crepe satin or a similar material with a soft sheen.Cut out fabric circle with a diameter of about thirty centimeters.Finish the edge overlock or seam obmetochnym neat hand.The edges of the blank decorate with lace.
At a distance of five centimeters from the edge of the fabric to perform four holes in which you can thread the eyeballs.The distance between the holes and the edge of the fabric depends on the splendor of the upper part of bonbonniere .Gently treat the edges of the holes in the same way as the outer section of the preform.
Pass satin ribbon into the prepared hole and gently
pull the resulting bag.The bonbonniere can put candy and tie a ribbon bow lush.
Turned little thing you can decorate roses made of cloth.Since the candy-box - a tiny thing is enough to select for the manufacture of a narrow satin ribbon roses.
Fold the ribbon in half in width, and lay it on the basting stitch, starting from the fold line.Continue to lay the thread along the folded edge.Finish seam folding line at the opposite end of the tape.As a result, the ends of the belt line of the seam will be rounded.
Pull the thread so that the fabric formed uniform throughout the length of the assembly.Wrap the end of the tape from which you began to make a seam so as to obtain the center of the rose.Secure the base of the flower, I ask all of layers of fabric.In the same way, take all rose, fixing each layer of fabric and thread.
Sew ready to flower candy boxes for the lower petals.Thus the base of the rose will be completely closed.If you have used in the design of large flower, take no ties to wide tape and a thin decorative twisted cord or several narrow strips.At the ends of the ribbons put large beads.