you need
  • suitable fabric, sewing accessories.
first step is to choose the fabric.The ideal option would be a soft cotton cloth.The colors, of course, a matter of taste, but the best choice would be bedding fabric colors.Before cutting out the fabric to be washed and ironed, then it will take their real size.For nightgown we need about 1.5 m. Cloth.
Pattern for nightgown is very simple.The first part - a part of the chest.There should be two parts, each with a length in putting your chest plus 2-3 cm. The details of about 13 cm. Each item should be folded along the inside out, sew around the edge and turn right side out.
Next item - the central part.It is a large rectangle the width of your chest girth multiplied by 1.5, and a height of about 75 cm. Although this is the
option you may, at its discretion, to change.
Shirt will straps.For their production, we will need two rectangular pieces of 3-4 cm wide and 45 cm long. Of course, you have to adjust the size if you think that the straps are too small or, conversely, great.They must lay down their face inside, stitch along the long edge and release.
return to the center.The upper edge of the part you need is gathered on the two-seam.A wide step with the other smaller.Now, holding the strings of the two ends we bring width to the width of the central part of the chest.It remains to connect the straps, the chest portion and a central portion.Most of the work is finished.
're embellish night outfit of your choice.Appropriate are several small buttons in the middle of the chest.
So a few hours 1.5 meters of fabric were transformed by skillful hands in the finished product - nightgown.Perhaps this will be your first experience, but probably not the last.