you need
  • N10 Beads several shades of green, yellow, red or other colors (optional) - 200 g;
  • wire of 0.3 mm - about 1 m;
  • Floral tape (brown, green, or another color that matches the beads)
  • Masking tape;
  • smooth pieces of glass, stones, beads;
  • Alabaster;
  • Flowerpot.
Cut the wire on the 200 segments of approximately 45-50 cm. Mix different shades beads .In the middle of each segment type 8-10 beads.Make two turns, to get a loop of beads.
At one end of the wire type as many more beads and make another loop, then the same principle of two loops.Repeat with the other end of the wire, vtoby get seven tabs.Arrange so all the pieces of
Connect five segments in one bundle, and weave together from the middle to the bottom, to get the branch.Repeat with the rest of the 195-th segments to get 40 branches.Wrap floral tape.
In turn, the branches of the five beams connect five and gossip from the middle to the bottom in thicker branches.You can have thin branches at different heights relative to each other to create beautiful terrain, then wrap floral tape.
Connect received 8 large branches bonsai in one barrel, weaving from the middle to the bottom.Place the branches at different heights, evenly, "ladder", "spiral" or in another form that you like.
Wrap the trunk of masking tape to thicken it down, as the trunk of the tree.Then wrap the tree again floral tape, giving them a final shape.
Mix the plaster in an aqueous solution, pour the mixture into the pot.In the middle put the bonsai and give a little dry.After that, place the stones, pieces of glass and other decorative objects and wait for the final drying. Bonsai ready.