you need
  • - two straight needles;
  • - sartorial meter;
  • - yarn;
  • - cotton thread matching sweaters;
  • - contrasting thread;
  • - needle;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors to remove basting;
  • - Lightning height shelves.
When the pattern sweaters immediately calculate the exact width of the right and left of shelves to leave a margin for the bar knit zipper.
In calculating the cut elements do not forget that between the future bars should remain a place on the metal or plastic teeth and travel runner.Of course, lightning appropriate size should be prepared in advance.
Before carrying strap zipper, please contact the front embroidery sample length of 10 cm. Measure the distance from the bottom to the top edge of the jackets collar - is the length of the future strips.Exact calculations will help you dial the correct loop on the edge of the article.
Turn the work and on the reverse side sweaters type hinge for the lower layer straps.Knit it, using as a model face part.Last close the loop.
Similarly, double bar on the right edge of the shelf.All items must be actuated perfectly symmetrical!Planck should not pull any edge sweaters or collect it in unattractive assembly.
Undo zipper and insert it into a double bar halves.Baste the fabric fastener thread below the top of a contrasting color.
Open and close the locking trained - if it went well, you can sew zipper jacket to Anew thread matching jackets and buckles.This can be done manually or a hidden seam line paving machines.Basting carefully remove the nail scissors.
worthy alternative to the double bar - hollow gum.It is not less convenient zipper on knitwear.To calculate the required amount of gum dialed loops on the front surface of the sample.Multiply that number by 2. For example: if a knitted sample length of 10 cm placed 15 loops, then the hollow gum of the same length should collect only 30 loops.
In the first row of the hollow gum do the following alternation: 1 front loop;neprovyazannoy next loop is removed.This work is to be sure the thread loop!
In the second and subsequent rows of the hollow gum must be removed loop provyazyvat front.Knit facial loops in the previous series, in contrast, removed neprovyazannymi.Follow the bar on the model until you reach the desired width.
Start sewing zipper jacket to work from the bottom.Gradually freeing the small areas of the hollow spokes gum.In the opening part of the strap, insert the corresponding portion of the fastener.Sewn open loop: the needle must pass through the front of the open loop through the fabric zipper and out through the open loop from the wrong side of the product.
Keep working until you sew all lightning .Thus, you gently close the open edge hollow gum and simultaneously sew the zipper to the bar.You will only pave the final connecting line on the sewing machine.