you need
  • Box, fabric, centimeter, scissors, glue.
Pick usual solid shoe box with a lid.The lid should not fit tightly to the box.Choose a fabric that is in harmony with the interior of your room.Fabrics must be approximately one meter.
fabric should be firm, but not hard.With a thin and slippery fabric hard work.Promazhte its liquid adhesive to keep it from sliding on the surface.Pre-apply glue to shred, and let it dry.Make sure that it does not leave stains on the fabric.
Measure the perimeter of the horizontal and height of your box.Make
allowances for 2.5 cm to the outer edges of the box and cut a rectangle of fabric on the received size.Next, measure the bottom of the box and carve out of it the size of the rectangle.
Start with the stitched sides.For this smear glue or glue sticks longest side of your box.Gently leaving 2.5 cm allowances, attach the fabric.So in turn, paste all sides, smoothing the fabric soft and dry sponge.Oversize tuck at the edges of the box and stick it.
Put box on a table upside down and attach to the bottom of allowances.First, on the short side, then on the long ones.Corners bend allowances diagonally.Fully promazhte glue on the outside bottom of the box and glue the item that you have prepared previously.Smooth to remove wrinkles.
for pasting the cover it is necessary to measure and cut the appropriate size of the tissue box.Do not forget to make allowances 2.5 cm. Apply glue and glue the fabric cover on it.Hem corners okleyte bumpers.Tucked allowances, glue them inside.If you wish, you can lay out the sides and bottom of the inside of the box with a cloth pasted cardboard.
If you need obtyanut cloth round box , the allowances for the rounded edge of the box and paste notch.An incision is made through the equal intervals above and below.The rest of the processing by a technology tissue is the same as for a rectangular box.
for cover from the round box, cut a circle of fabric diameter of 2.5 cm more than the cap.Attach to the top side.Make an incision, glue allowances, bending the edges.Well dried out the box ready for storage of different things in it.