you need
  • yarn (natural or semi-synthetic), circular needles, 5 spokes.
To link children pants on a child under one year, you will need circular needles and 5 spokes who knit socks, and with the same number.It is desirable to select the spokes of the producer so that they are completely identical.Knitting will be seamless, and therefore better leg knit on circular needles, and hips have to move to the "hose".
Dial 80 loops, knit facial loops of the first row and fasten together the edges.The following 6 series also knit facial loops.To the upper edge, designed for gum it was beautiful, in the form of teeth, follow the scheme "2 loops along the front, 1 nakida."Then continue to knit facial loops to the point where it starts to move in the leg
Divide the number of loops in two equal parts, and for the convenience of leave circular needles on one pant leg, while they themselves continue to work with the 5 spokes with the same number.Knit all facial hinge, and the inside of the left underside.And then picture can be selected depending on a more aesthetic appearance of the product.That is, given that seamless panties, they can be worn on either side.When knitting children's clothes note how the product becomes taut.It is desirable that pants were associated free viscous, since it gives them softness and comfort.
Tie the first one leg of the required length (depending on the characteristics of the child).After completing the basic knitting pattern leg elastic finish.Knit 6 rows of normal rubber band "Loop 1 front, 1 Wrong," then complete the last row.Repeat the same operation with the second leg vyvyazyvaniem.
Thanks to the cloves, which will be located at the waist hem for gum well kept.Of course, it must necessarily hemmed by hand or on a typewriter.If this is done very carefully and with decorative elements, we obtain bilateral panties with different patterns.The gum, as an additional decoration, it is permissible to insert a woven cord with tassels and bells.
knit children pants can be self-colored thread or strip which can be sent at regular intervals or only at the bottom of the product.