you need
  • ribbon (satin, silk or monofilament) of varying widths and colors, scissors, thread, needle
Chamomile.Take a white satin ribbon 1 cm wide. Consistently make loops daisy petals up to 5 cm, fixing them in the center of light stitches.Spread the resulting flower.For the core, take the narrow strip of yellow nylon, collect it at one end and Wrap spiral locking from the inside stitches.Get velvety-looking Seredka for chamomile.If you make a flower of a different color, it will look like a daisy or Cosmo.
rosette.For the production of suitable length satin ribbon little mo
re than a meter and a width of 2 cm. This allowed all the colors of roses, that is, pink, burgundy, red, white and yellow, although you can dream up and produce flowers of other colors.Fold in the middle of the tape perpendicular to the edges.Then, from the middle of the same are superimposed sequentially on one belt edge to the other until it ends.This structure must be adhered to.Then release it while holding only the edges of the tape and pull only one of them, pulling up to the middle (to the place from which the work began).As a result, directly into the hands turn rosette.Prepare a thread with a needle and from the inside attach the petals of a flower.
Rosa (the second option).For this you will need a satin strip width of 5 cm, the edge of which take in the left hand and right are wrapped her in a spiral with simultaneous twisting of the tape around.Such a method will give a beautiful rose petals, which should immediately flash from the inside.
Carnation.It is easily possible to make ribbons cloves.Take nylon narrow ribbon of red, white or pink, collect it on a thread over the edge, spiraled, immediately locking the back of the stitches.Clove bud get.
spiral flower.Cut strips of the blank width of 1 cm and a length of 15-20 cm, depending on the total volume of the flower.Treat the edges of the tapes, so they do not "fell".To do this, fasten the edge of 2 mm between two metal surfaces and spend flame matches or lighters.This will smooth the edges melted.Then, the resulting blank put in a strong pre-diluted gelatine solution, soak a few minutes and wind on a stick or handle.After drying, without removing, spray obtained spiral hairspray strong hold.After re-drying, carefully remove the spiral from which you can now form a flower with petals in the form of spirals.Such decoration can be made monochrome or color.