you need
  • bulky yarn, a hook
To tie a scarf male hook advisable to choose such colors that harmonize well with the predominant colors in the clothes men.Looks good combination of black with dark green tones, as well as the range, which includes black, brown, beige, white.Threads desirable to use a soft, pleasant to the touch.Excellent with mohair, alpaca, angora.Tricolor beautiful boucle yarn that are both product and volume, and a harmonious blend of shades.
also need to determine how clothing is supposed to wear it as a scarf, you can tie the male hook of different widths.Consider the scheme of knitting a scarf of medium width.Make a chain of 30 stitches, which will form the basis.Knit the first row, you can
already have an idea of ​​the appearance of the product, and therefore it is too late to correct permissible her needlework.
addition made two aerial loops, then knit loop 30 column with nakida.Continue to knit so until the end of a row.Turn the knitting and before starting the next row again make two aerial loops, then knit scarf with nakida column.
Next you need to determine the length of the product.Well look long scarves, so you can link it to about 200 cm. This will free wrap a scarf around the neck, to the edges of the hanging.Such a thing can be worn on the jacket or coat straight from the top.If you plan to wear a scarf under your clothes, then this length is not necessary, but because it is sufficient to link to 120-130 cm.
Once connected himself scarf, it is necessary to make a brush or a fringe.To do this, take a book, 15 cm wide, wrap it, and cut the yarn from two sides.We get the same blank that collects 6 pieces.Pull the edge of the scarf hook, grab the middle of the beam and pull the ends to form a loop, and then tighten the brush.When finished with tassels scarf lay on the edge of the table, comb the comb with a few teeth and then align the edge of the hands.