you need
  • - beads;
  • - Nylon filament;
  • - needle;
  • - two kruglozubtsev;
  • - clamp assembly;
  • - connecting ring;
  • - lock carbine;
  • - glue "Moment" or "super glue".
Buy jewelry store in a special metal fasteners for beads.For example, it may consist of a lock-carabiner clip for textile node and the coupling ring of small size.Pick accessories suitable to the main performance style and colors of beads.
Pay particular attention to the quality of the coupling ring.From the fortress of small metal parts will directly depend on the reliability of faste
ners in general.Typically, the beads used in the assembly of the ring diameter of 5-10 mm;the thickness may vary from 0.2 to 0.9 mm.Ask the seller - it will pick the lock-carabiner connecting the respective article.
nanizhite beads on a double nylon thread (fishing line) through a thick needle.The remaining "tail" of the working thread the fishing line through the hole located on the edge of the clamp assembly.Tighten the fittings tighter to the last bead number and do a couple of strong knots.
Cut off the excess fishing line, leaving the free end of a length of about 3 mm.Gently tan lighter or match it to the melted synthetic stuck in a ball.To secure the articles apply to the node 1-2 drops of glue "Moment" or "super glue".
Connect the metal ring and clamp.To do this you should first disclose the free ends of the hardware, and then firmly press them.Place the top ring of the compound;push one end of the Round, and the other to pull themselves second forceps.The item should be displayed along the perpendicular axis!To close the ring, compress it pliers.
So, from one end of the beads you set clip and ring.Now the opposite side of the castle decorations put carbine.It also comes with a clip for the site.Fix it on the tip of the fishing line on the model of working steps №№3-4.
Clasp for necklaces ready.To wear a decoration on the neck, you will need to open a carbine, insert it in the connecting ring and close it again.