you need
  • pliers, new or native dog, thread a needle.
If detachable zipper and dog just jumped off and left you in the hand, it Thread the top on the other side, where there is a split restrictor with socket.Slider to go with the flat side down.Doggie easily slip on the links.
If a dog is lost or broken, while using, purchase a new slider.In this you can help the seller.He will select the appropriate number of lightning begunka.Esli zipper closed-end or sold by the meter, you can purchase as many sliders as you need.For example, on the cover often put two sliders, moving towards each other.
a close look at the other side of the braid, which they put the
slider.On top of the rail is likely to come off limiter.He holds dog in the top position.If the limiter shifted, correct it with a pair of pliers, so that the dog jumped again.If limiter is lost, do tack needle and thread.Follow tack tape over the edge several times.She did not give again to come off the runner.
In the case of one-piece with a zipper, a little disconnect the end of the rail and insert in each dog .Gently move the slider down.It will go to the effort.Do not overdo it with the force of pressure, in order not to spoil relsy.Esli slider despite the efforts did not want to move, slightly bend the slots on the dog (which are inserted into the rails).Slide dog down and retighten the slot pliers to its original condition.