Take two large square handkerchief .Their size must be the same and not less than a meter diagonal.With a tape measure from your waist to below the collarbone 2-3 cm. This is a segment measure from the back.
Lay two handkerchief on the table so that their angles match the vertical and horizontal axes (ie, it will not be a square, a rhombus).At the headscarf, which will be the front of the blouse, departing from the bottom corner of 10 cm and put chalk to point.From this point on the vertical axis is the up take your measurements (length forehand to the waist line).Through this point draw a horizontal line parallel to the horizontal axis, from edge to edge handkerchief .The same cut through the bottom draw a point on the waist line.
determine the width of blouses.To do this, measure the putting breasts and add the required amount of centimeters, if you want to get free clothes.This distance mark on the two horizontal segments and draw vertical lines perpendicular to them.On them lay the line on the sewing machine.This side corners handkerchief have to stay on the outside of the shirt.At the level of the waist at the sides Sew one eyelet so that they can then be inserted into the belt.
Pick two silk ribbons, matching colored handkerchief to m. They will replace the straps.Stitched two straps at the upper horizontal line to the back of the shirt.In front at the same level sew on buttons, hook or velcro.The second part of the selected fitting fix on the end of both straps.
Turn the product on the front side, and try on a blouse .The upper corners handkerchief will fall in front and behind, creating an unusual drapery.At waist level necessary to intercept blouse thin belt by threading it into the prepared loop.
Coloring shawls for the front and back of the blouse can be either the same or different (in this case, make sure that the color and patterns of headscarves in harmony).