you need
  • suitable fabric for top and backing products, padding polyester batting or foam for a soft inner layer, decorative ribbons or velcro, needles, thread, scissors, buttons, paper and pencil.
First of all you need to make the pattern for future capes.Simply attach tightly large sheet of paper to the chair seat well and draw the outline of the bottom of the seat.If you sew cover for stools - put the paper on the floor, put it upside-down stool and draw his seat.To receive the sketch, add about 2 cm to cloak a little beyond the edge of the chair a and 2 cm at the seams.If you want to make a case volume - a
lso add thickness foam.The resulting pattern cut and move on to the wrong side of the fabric.
Cut out the same parts of the fabric top and fabric for lining, as well as part of foam equal to the chair seat well, that is the pattern without seam allowance and edges.Sew the fabric parts to each other from the inside, leaving a small hole to insert the filler.Remove the workpiece and place the foam inside.Then sew the hole and be sure to quilt blank: a few times asking her to criss-cross or spiral.At the intersection of the seams can be sewn buttons, covered with the same fabric from which you and sew cape .When Cape turned out quite chubby and sew it can not be bypassed with just a few buttons, sewn in a certain order.Keep in mind that they should be sewn, capturing not only the top fabric, and the entire thickness of the cover.
Now you need to do to mount a cover chair have.You can sew the edges of the cover decorative braid color capes.It will tie cape to chair have the legs or back.
safer to carve out of the base fabric straps around 3-4 cm wide and sew it to the Velcro.After attaching the strap wraps around the edges can be glued together Velcro under the seat chair and thus cover will hold well on your furniture.
last moment - decorated capes for and chair.It all depends on your imagination and your interior.You can sew the braid on the edge of the cape, cloak extend to the floor and hide legs chair and use fringe, festoons, ribbons and bows.The main thing is to decorate in any case do not interfere with use cape as intended, that is not cause inconvenience while sitting on chair e.