you need
  • - bead;
  • - beads;
  • - thread;
  • - thin needles;
  • - wax.
Make a bundle of whom were braided beads.For this nanizhite seven beads on waxed nylon thread and lock series, threading a needle in the first bead.Weave the second row on the needle for stringing beads and a threading it through the third, fifth and seventh beads.
Gently pull the working thread, put it another bead and drag the needle through the first bead of the second row.By this time, you can stop counting, as beads, in which you need to pass through a needle in the weaving of the next series will be significantly higher than the others.Continuing to string beads in a circle, make the wiring so long that he will make a double circle in the center of which have room for decorative beads.
Secure the thread on the last row of the harness and pass the needle through the bead.Putting the workpiece on a flat surface, wrap the end around the bead beaded braid and sew harness repeatedly threading the needle through the bead and braid both series.For greater strength can be stapled rows braided together over the entire circumference.
To Get pendant can be mounted on a loop for threading the cord or chain.Cut the new working thread a needle and thread in both ends.Pass the thread through the bead, which is in the center of the top of the braid and string on both the needle for beads.Take another bead and thread it string crosswise.In this way, short chain weave, fold it in half and fix the end of the same beads with which began weaving or if the number of threads, threaded through it, do not allow this, attach the end of the loop on the next bead.
Instead of a loop pendant chain can be woven with the same technique.Length beaded strips should be sufficient to put the pendant around his neck.Fixing the end of the braid on the pendant, thread the needle through the two beads all of which is woven chain in reverse order.It will give additional strength to the product.
pendant can be assembled from a few beads, braided plait.To do this, lay the workpiece on the table and sew together the edges of their braids as they will be placed in the finished product.Weave one harness and make it a common edge to the whole of the pendant.