you need
  • yarn, hosiery needles, needle
toe usually knit front embroidery.Knitting standard toe start after dovyazhete sledok to the little finger.It is desirable that the number of loops before the operation to reduce the loops were even.Count loop, left after knitting Sledkov and remember their number.Decrease loops begin at the edges of each circle knitting as follows.
hinges on the first spoke knit facial loops at the end of the two penultimate loop knit one front loop of the last loop and dovyazhite spokes front.First, second needles knit the first loop face, and then two loops knit together in
one face of the rotary, rotating a first loop of the two.Further, the third subtraction procedure spokes repeat loops, as in the first spoke.In the fourth decrease spoke do loops similar decrease in the second spoke.
Do decrease the loop every second row as long as the number of loops of the spokes will not remain equal to half the number of loops counted before knitting toe.Continue diminish loops in each circumferential row is four spokes will not remain eight loops, i.e.two loops on one spoke.The remaining loop string on a thick needle and thread that leads the main knitting.Firmly pull the loop, thread the end of the thread inside the sock and secure from the inside.This point and ends the usual knitting toe socks.
Another way subtraction of loops circular needles for the small things.This method is similar to the subtraction of loops when knitting mittens.The end of the knitted fabric becomes in this case a triangle shape.Finish knitting socks can be the same way.Reducing the loop goes around the edges of the foot.Vyvyazyvayut this triangle is quite simple.
first two loops on the first and third needles knit together at the front of the rear wall.On the second and fourth needles knit the last two loops along the front of the front wall.Take decrease in each circular row or across the row, depending on the number of loops remained after knitting Sledkov.When each of the spoke will be two or three loops, put the loop on the top of the sock one needle, and the lower part of the other spoke.Continue to decrease.When will all the two loops, tear off the thread and pull one loop through the other, and then tighten.End of thread on the wrong side hide the sock.