you need
  • Material for sewing loops
  • Tailor meter
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • fabric lambrequin and lining
  • Paper
  • Iron
  • combines drape fabric
  • sewing machine and thread
Sew a curtain of woven loops that then you put on the round ledge.So it is possible to increase the length by 10 centimeters curtain loops sew one piece, button or a down-laces, ribbons.The latter option is quite fit into the corner of a young girl or the nursery.If you have a small otrez main curtain fabrics, loop carve out of it.Pick up in the same style buttons or obtyanite of the same cloth.If you want to buy a suitable material in style and make it a loop and and edging.For example, use a Bakey relevant
in a modern interior geometric pattern.
Apply curtain to the eaves, and calculate the required length of the loop.To do this, a ribbon of fabric perekin'te through a cornice and attach to the curtain.Add 1.5 cm to the allowances for seams.If the fasteners are doing, we must also leave additional 4-5 cm;for the ties, create a test node and make the pattern to your liking.Ready for a loop curtains are usually about 3-4 cm wide (not including allowances for hem).It is believed that the right to lengthen the curtains using the loops you need so as not to be seen the top of the window opening.
Increase the size of the loop, if you want to make curtain longer.To hide a window from view, try to hang on top pelmet.This elegant drapery is quite possible to master their own hands.Buy dense, but light cloth lambrequin and backing material.Measure the length and height of the window curtains.Make a template of drapery in full size.Attach it to the eaves, measured off the center of the window.Make a pattern lambrequin and lining.Seam leave 1.5 cm. Sew the pelmet with lining, putting parts seamy side up.Leave uncovered part.Iron the seams and ready to remove the drape there.
otrez Sew the desired length for the bottom of the curtains.When extending the curtains in this way your task - to get the job done accurately and carefully so that the product did not look ragged.Carefully pick up the texture and color combining material.To give the design completion window, do the edging of the same fabric.If you allow the overall style of the room, the bottom of the curtains can be done in a flirty ruffles.Creative imagination - for example, decorate curtain applique in the same style with wallpaper and complete a wide edge at the bottom of the curtains of the same color.