Type 192 aerial loops and knit a number of columns with nakida orienting the line of knitting below the waist line.Note the contrasting thread fourteenth column of the first row for future additions.Also note the thirtieth column, which will be on his side, and he will be your guide to knitting openwork pattern scheme you can find in the pre-Internet.
from the side of the column again mark the thirtieth of the account column for additions, then mark the twenty-first column - on it you too provyazhete lace pattern.Focusing on to make a mark, follow the addition of the second row in each of the marked loops.
began to add to the loop eight t
imes the pillar one, and on the back of short - ten times in one column.In the center of the back near the two central columns, add 16 times in one column on the height of 10 cm.
knit in two central column of four simple column in each row.Make the addition of three times, then tie an openwork pattern scheme.Knit pattern until the end of the series.
On the front of the shorts at a height of 16 cm in each second row add four times the pillar one, and then divide the knitted fabric on the back and front.Continue to knit shorts lace pattern separately, vyvyazyvaya nine series.
Connect all the details and tie bar 44 column width and height without nakida 21 number - this level you use for fasteners.In the eleventh row of the left hand knit two buttonholes of five air loops.
In order to shorts be inserted belt, tie five shtripok 8 bars without nakida and a length of 3.5 cm. Distribute footstraps at the waist, placing them symmetrically.The lower edge of shorts tie columns without nakida contrasting yarn.