Tip 1: How to make angel wings

angel costume is unthinkable without the indispensable attribute of the angelic appearance - two white wings behind their backs.Such flaps are commercially available in specialty stores, but you can make them yourself, choose the optimal suit for your specific size and shape of the wings.There are several methods of making angel wings, and they themselves may have a different view - furry or transparent, flat or three-dimensional.Select the appropriate method based on the fact, what materials you have for creativity.
you need
  • wings for cardboard-based:
  • - cardboard;
  • - white paper or cloth;
  • - PVA glue and a brush;
  • - elastic (about 1 m);
  • - sintepon;
  • - for feathers: feathers / white towels / white fur / feather boa / white silk and fine wire / white satin.
  • Wings on the basis of the carcass:
  • - wire frame;
  • - white nylon tights or transparent tulle;
  • - needle and thread;
  • - gum.
  • - scissors.
Wings cardboard basis.Determine the optimal size and shape of the wings of an angel b
y measuring figures.You can draw directly on the curve shape of the wing, attaching to it a piece of paper.Consider what kind they will be looking at the person in front.
Cut out the patterns obtained by the two wings of a single piece of cardboard.Obkleyte cardboard white paper or cloth.
From inside the wings glue or sew two rubber bands tightly (like the shoulder straps of a backpack) at a distance of the width of the back of each other, the wings can be easily worn.Places attachment straps mask of white paper.
then stick one or two layers of padding polyester.Cut a piece with a large allowance on all sides, mount it on a cardboard base, then cut along the contour of the wings, cutting off any excess syntepon - so the edges of the flaps are obtained smooth.
Top syntepon paste large feathers, and if not, then - torn into small pieces of white cloth.There is an option to paste over the wings white fluffy fur with a long nap.Also perfect for pasting angel wings white feather boa.
There is a very effective and economical method of making feather wings pasting.Take the white silk (natural or artificial) and cut a strip of feathers on the size that you need.Fan the edges of the fabric strips, making fluffy fringe.Stick thin wire silk.We need to do two or three layers of strips for each pen.
feathers also can be made from shiny satin, cut it into small rectangles with rounded corners and edges lighter singeing, the fabric does not roll in.Carefully sewn rows of brilliant feathers look amazing.
transparent wings on a wire frame.Wings are made of thick wire and a white sheer fabric such as tulle or white nylon pantyhose.
Form Wire the two wings of an angel.Twist the wire at the junction of the two wings to get in shape, "eight".Secure the ends of the wire with tape.
Pull the wings of white nylon pantyhose large size - one "kolgotine" on each wing.If you are using tulle, then wrap the cloth frame, obsheyte wings on a path, grabbing the wire into the seam and then cut away the excess fabric.Make of gum or a broad satin ribbon fastening wings, as described in. 3.

Tip 2: How to make angel wings

Angel wings - a favorite attribute of the little girls who want to show off to themNew Year or any other matinee.Buy them of course you can, but you can make them yourself.
Make baby angel wings - thanks to unbounded
you need
  • cardboard, white paper, white napkins, scissors, needle and thread, glue (best to use PVA) gum, padding polyester, feathers and other decorations of your choice, to bringin the design of the wings something different.
first decide what will be the size and shape of the wings, cut and paste over blank white paper.
invite their child and calculate the width of his back, where the gum stick.Sewn or pinned by a stapler gum.Places mounting rubbers to seal pieces of paper.
Decorate wings in two ways.The first is the pasting of synthetic padding.Cut with a 5-centimeter allowance sintepon, sticking it on cardboard and then cut off the excess.The second method is cheaper - tear to shreds the white napkin.Then the wings smeared with glue and scraps of napkins stuck to the wings.We get very nice.There may also be useful and feathers from old pillows.
Helpful Hint
And if you have lying around unnecessary boa white or close to the color (for example, light pink), it is possible to make wings, from which any child would be thrilled.Just ready to wings on the basis of glue around the edges syntepon boa.See will be great.