Tip 1: How to set up the electric typewriter

During the game machine allows you to smoothly attenuate the tension of the string electric guitar.Some modern devices of this type also give the opportunity to increase the tension.The machine expands the range of artistic possibilities of the performer.
you need
  • - electric;
  • - machine;
  • - strings caliber 0.09-0.42 (9-42);
  • - set of 6 Allen key (supplied with the guitar or with a machine)
Consider the machine.It consists of several parts.This support screws, the actual frame, the lever and the spring, which is governed by the tensile force.On the frame are fixed for fillies strings.On the back of the guitar body with two screws secure the metal platform with petals.These petals are attached spring.Cars come in several forms.For example, Strat Tremolo, Floyd Rose, etc.
Parts of machines
One of the first machines - Strat Tremolo.It is available for 2 or 6 screws.Current models have two screws.The same scheme is used in other more complex models.They are set on the same principle, bu
t they have additional features.Adjust the height of the retaining screws so that the machine had a free lift.Their height should be the same.The screws must not be too high above the hull.In this case, the string will be on the excessive distance from the neck.
Install stand.She has two notches in the housing.They are called blades.These knives should rest on the support screws.On the back of the guitar body put the spring.Initially limit to two and fix them so that they are parallel to each other.On the bed there is a special holes in each of which is inserted into the bent end of the spring.Only five holes, insert the spring in the second and fourth.The second end of the spring is a ring.Secure them by 2 and 4 petals platform.
Put on a guitar string.Tune your instrument.In the ideal position, the platform must be parallel to the frame body.If the bed depth littered body means that the spring tension is greater than the tension of the strings.In this case, 1 turn, remove the screws that secure the platform.Adjust the guitar.Check the position of the machine.Repeat until until you get the desired position of the machine.In the opposite case, when the rear side of the device is too high above the body, tighten the screws a little bit.Having ideal position machine, adjust the height of the strings over the fingerboard to twist the screws on the filly.
Put on guitar strings
To check whether the machine keeps the operation, screw the lever in the specially provided hole on the frame.Gently shake the car up and down, directing the lever to the body, and from it.Check the operation of the guitar.Ideally, the system will remain the same.

Tip 2: How to tune your guitar with machine

Tuning your guitar - it is very subtle, that you want to learn a long time.On how exactly can not configure the tool depends on the beauty of melodies performed by you as well as how easy and comfortable you will be engaged in it.
How to tune your guitar with the machine
Setting guitar includes not only a change in the level of tension of the strings with the help of pins, but also adjust the angle of the Floyd Rose (cars), height of the tremolo level trough neck,the height of the clamp on the zero fret intonation, the height of the pickup, strunoprizhimayuschey plate.Those who have not yet gained experience in working with the guitar, do not do it all by yourself, and it is better to turn to a more experienced musician or in a specialized workshop.Otherwise, you may have to buy myself a new instrument or its parts.
Usually such full customization on all aspects necessary only after buying a guitar, and most people encounter difficulties when changing the strings.They are connected with the fact that the machine has only two points of support, resulting in a change string tension can change its position and adjust your guitar seems impossible.
Set the third point of support, which will make Floyd Rose stationary impossible, so only pull the string evenly to the machine does not change its position.The first step will be the setting of the upper and lower, that is, the first and sixth strings.Once you pull each of them separately, pull them together, pinching at odds - the sound should be the same.
Now set A (fifth string) and B (second string).Check whether the setting of got lost.You can compare the sound of the fifth and sixth, and then the second and first string on the fifth fret (sixth string, sandwiched on the fifth fret, should publish the same sound as the open fifth. The same with the second and first).
Adjust the remaining two strings, starting with D.Recheck of both, and then all the others on the fifth fret.Remember that when setting up the third string clamped on the fourth fret.
Thus, it turns out that you pull the strings evenly and tune the guitar should be successful.If you still can not do this, check where the guitar was made and the machine.If the country - the manufacturer of Korea, you will probably need to change the tool or part thereof, as Koreans use too soft metal for their tools, causing knives Floyd Rose abuts the sleeve and worn down, they appear burrs and configure the tool becomes very difficult or impossible.
new strings have stretch properties.Guitar with the upset.For the final adjustment, wait for a while.Depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the strings time can range from hours to days.

stroke machine should be neither too light nor too heavy.If the machine hangs, put an extra spring.If you take too heavy during spring with less tension.If it is more than two springs, try to remove one.
Helpful Hint
Note the machine manufacturer.Quite often we have to deal with low-cost machines, not made of top quality materials.In such cases, possible breakage, malfunctions.Such machines may be difficult to hold the line.If everything else in the guitar suits you better replace the car for better German, Japanese or American model.

Lubricate the running of the cars technical oil.

Keys can be purchased at the hardware store or velosalone.