you need
  • - Beads green;
  • - Wire beading;
  • - Floral Ribbon;
  • - PVA glue;
  • - Pot finished wood;
  • - Colored stones, glass beads.
At the beginning of the cut wire to a few dozen pieces of about 50 cm in length, and type the beads in the middle of each segment.Then, twist the ends of the wire to lock the beads scored.You get a little sprigs.
Connect branches in pairs, crossed at the height of the upper third.From this point below twist them together.Connect branches tightly.
In the same way, connect the branches in groups of four to six small twigs (that is, two or three medium-sized), but begin to curl up with a lesser height.
Select two branches.One of them is the vertical axis of the tree, and the other begin to wind on th
e first, attaching the lower apex slightly above the ground.Wrap the wire around the base and fan.Then strap remaining branches, making out tree trunk.
Follow the principle of the plant: the branches are located at different heights, have different lengths.The barrel may be straight or curved, depending on the selected type of wood.Primatyvayte branches tightly.
Having fastened all the branches, wrap floral tape basis.Start with the base of the tree, from the "root."Put a bit of adhesive tape and attach it firmly to the trunk.
Again, take a look at real trees: the lower part they have thicker.Therefore, we need to wrap this part of the artificial tree a few times to create a natural look.As we approach the crown wrap the trunk of a thin layer of tape to keep the proportions.
Wind turns each branch.Make sure that through the tape was not visible relief wire (for this and twigs wrap several times).The end of the tape Spread glue and press firmly to a tree.