you need
  • - two straight or circular needles;
  • - yarn.
nanizhite first loop number on the right (working) spoke.This shackle have to be removed as in the personal knitting and working thread - positioned at work.
Please note: if you need to remove neprovyazannuyu loop, if the front, the needle should always be included in its wall motion from left to right.When in manual knitting is required to "remove the right front needle loop crossed" that needle should move from right to left.
next couple of loops knit together the front.The resulting loop must be passed thr
ough a pre-shot textile shackle.
Now try double broach other way.To do this, remove the needles from the left just two loops of a number of workers as a facial.The thread must be stretched out behind them.
First knit one loop face, and then put it removed a couple of loops on the right spokes.
Practise subtraction of loops such that the average ear of thread were always on top and lay right in the middle between two adjacent loops.To do this, the first of a number of loop current is also necessary to put on a needle as in personal knitting.
Put first shot loop back to the left (non-working) spoke;then return to it a second shot loop.Now you can knit together the front, all three loops.