Tip 1: How to paint a tea cloth

All clothes and things, even made from expensive and high-quality material fade with time and lose its original color.Any kind of fabric can be dyed in the desired color in the home.The simplest means for coloring - a tea.At any housewife, he is always available.
you need
  • - tissue;
  • - pan;
  • - water;
  • - black tea;
  • - brush.
Take a large pan or any container.Fill it with water, bring to a boil.In hot water put a few spoonfuls of black tea.You can use tea bags (about 10 pieces).Prepare a solution, stir it constantly.Tea strain through a sieve.If using bags, then catch them and throw.The water required to add a little salt (1 teaspoon) to the paint does not peel off with a tissue.The solution is a little bit cool.
Take the fabric to be painted.If it's clothes, then remove from the pockets of all things.Put it in the water and simmer for one hour.Constantly stir the fabric to paint on it was applied uniformly.If you take a hot solution of tea, then he will give the fabric a m
ore saturated color, and less hot give less pronounced tinge.
After drying fabric will brighten.
3 Remove the media from the solution, rinse first with warm and then cool water until the liquid is clear.A little squeeze, shake well.See all the fabric straight.Hang it to dry.After it was all dried up, well-ironed iron.
To get the effect on fabric stains, it can be painted with a brush.Brew strong black tea and apply the solution to the cloth wide flat brush.Draw any figure.To have a bright spot, beneath the painted fabric small napkin.A little liquid is absorbed in it, and when dry, will come to the surface of the fabric.Dry the fabric on the air, or use of a hair dryer.
can put her tea leaves, beneath the fabric even tint.Make effect strips or squares.Cover the different areas of tissue adhesive plaster or overlay paper.

Tip 2: How to dye fabric

Quite a lot of people at least once thought about how to paint the favorite thing in a different color.This case must be approached very seriously.If at some point will be lost, the thing is just to be spoiled.
How to dye fabric
decide to start from which the fiber is made thing.It is for this indicator dye must be chosen.If the label things there is no indication the type of fabric, then just pull the thread from the fabric and set fire to it.Linen, cotton, viscose will burn quickly.When burning will smell burnt paper.Natural silk and wool in fire will form at the end of the thread fragile sintered bead.If your thing is composed entirely of polyester fibers, the thread it will simply melt, thus completely odorless.
Before painting thing, be sure to remove all the buttons, hooks, zippers, buttons.If a thing is wearing, to start Wash it well.It should not be any spots.If you decide to paint a new thing, first boil it in soap-soda solution for about 30 minutes.This is done in order to remove a layer of starch.It is also possible to wash in a washing powder.
Then enjoy a cooking dyebath.The method of preparation must always be indicated on the pack of dye.Soak the item in warm water, gently squeeze and quickly lower the dyebath.The solution was gradually warmed to reflux temperature.Thing regularly upside.It was then that the paint will form an even layer.After about 20 minutes boiled thing lift and pour into a dye composition: 2 tablespoons of salt, diluted in 2 liters of water.Then dyeing can continue at low boil for approximately 30 minutes.After this time, remove from heat and let cool liquid.Painted thing sure to rinse.This should be done first in warm water, and then in the cold.Squeeze out and hang to dry your thing.
So, the thing to be desired color after drying.Note: there should be places where the paint is brighter or dimmer.If these do exist, it indicates an uneven color.It is possible that some action was performed incorrectly.
Helpful Hint
when painting different brands of tea, they give different shades of fabric and color density.
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