you need
  • 200 grams of yarn, a hook or knitting needles
You will need about 200 g of yarn to tie jumpsuit with long sleeves.It can be knit as the spokes and hook.With hook knit jumpsuit follows.Make a paper pattern jumpsuit and according to the standards of baby .Knit two main parts jumpsuit and in your size, and then sew the parts on the shoulder seams, seam and stepping back.The sleeves knit separately.
main part overalls and begin to knit elastic band 1 or 2 * 1 * 2.Knit 4 or 6 rows.Then knit columns with base web nakida.Sleeves
and knit by the scheme, starting with the gum.Eraser can link both long and bend as the cuffs.As the baby gum can be folded out and jumpsuit will fit a few more months.Once you have connected all parts of overall well, sew the seam step and shoulder seams.Sew the parts back and before prior to the fastener strips.Fasteners should be done ahead because the first months of life babies spend more time on the back.In addition it is easier to put on overalls .
Next vyvyazhite bar.Tie a place under the buckle on the left and right sides of the six rows of columns without nakida.On the top bar make buttonholes.Knit two air loops and miss two loops of the previous row.The neck tie with a single row of columns without nakida and three rows of gum.You're beautiful sew buttons and jumpsuit ready.
spokes knit jumpsuit in the same way.Make a dial-row and knit a few rads band.Then go to the main pattern.Knit the required length of leg, put the work and bind the second part of his pants.Connect both parts by typing them between five loops and knit as a single canvas.
details before knit separately and symmetrically.To close the neckline loops 6, then every other row 3 by close loop 2 and loop 1 loop.Close the rest of the loop.
Tie sleeves.To do this, dial-up number, knit 5-6 cm rubber band eatem add some loops and go to the main pattern.At a height of 20-25 cm finished item.
Sew details jumpsuit and a sewing machine or by hand.On the item before tie bar and sew on buttons.The baby was easier, tie the hood.Until the middle of the neck loop type and knit the basic pattern fabric equal to the height of the baby's head .Do the same on the other side of the neck.Details Sew hood.Overalls get soft and very comfortable.