you need
  • - a thread of several colors;
  • - begun by the product;
  • - spokes thickness of thread;
  • - circuit patterns.
If you are just learning to knit, start with a combination of bands.The transitions from color to color in this case are the same as in the knitting Norwegian ornament or simulate embroidery, but they are made at the beginning of the series.For convenience, mark color thread , such as numbers.Let base color will №1, and more - on the order.Dovyazhite the product before the first band.Attach the thread of a different color.At the beginning of the picture you can just tie that knot was on the wrong side.The thread is the base color is not interr
upted.Edge loop on the transition do not remove and knit thread colors №2.Knit stripes.The last row to finish in the same place where it started.Draw along the edge of the thread №1, wrap it one or two turns around the yarn and knit the next №2 strip it.Edge also tie up.
figure in the box it's best to do with lifting loops of another color or crochet needle.First, tie a few strips.Close the loop.Mark the beginning of knitting into equal segments.Attach the thread from the second coil to one of the levels.If you are going to do it with a needle, then rewind the thread is approximately 2 times longer than the height of the product.Thread the needle in it and sew a loop seam vertical stripes, just follow the contours of the loops of knitting.It is possible to make a hook.
For vyvyazyvaniya ornament or imitation embroidery pick up a suitable scheme.For a start is better to take one where each thread vyvyazyvayut small fields.Dovyazhite before drawing.Attach the thread to the wrong side, circle it around the yarn main color, so they clung to each other, and knit by the scheme.Similarly, go to the threads of the third color.Once again there is a need to go to the main color, pull the right string of the wrong side of the work, circle it around the thread pattern and continue to knit on.Intersecting strands need to pattern is not contracted.
For vyvyazyvaniya large figure with large color fields, apply the other way.For example, two color knit pattern must in this case from two coils, but three.Divide the ball of the base color on the two.Dovyazhite prior figure, hook the thread just as in the previous method.Knit loops of the right amount of thread of a different color, but the transition back to pitch thread on the wrong side of not stretching, and attach the thread of the second coil.Turn the work dovyazhite this thread to the edge of the picture, and hook thread to each other on the wrong side.Knit number of the figure, then go to the main thread of the first coil.To thread are not confused, put each ball of a separate small basket or baby bucket.