you need
  • - yarn;
  • - hook the right size.
Start knitting hats from the top.Type in a chain of three air loops, enter the hook in the last loop on the hook.Vyvyazhite of her two columns without nakida.From each loop of the knit series of two columns without nakida.
In the next row you will have 6 loops.Likewise, one of the two loop knit.The following series is added to each of the second loop, that is, you will have 18 loops.Continue knitting in a spiral, adding to each row of 6 loops, while not in front of you will be a perfect circle with a diameter of a few centimeters smaller than the circumference of the child's head .
To crown turned a neat, mentally divide it into 6 wedges and add the loop always at the end of
the wedge.In this case, you get visibility angle.Or you can add a randomly, but within one part, then the borders of the wedges will not be seen, this method is good at fluffy and soft skin.
Continue to knit in a circle, not adding more loops.You will see that the diameter will increase slightly and the exact size of the head of the baby.Otherwise shall shoot several rows and make the circle a little more.
Knit straight blade in a circle, without adding loops until you reach the desired depth caps.Compete cap or attach the baby to the final - if the product is already reaching to the eyebrows, it's time to finish.
Additionally tie lugs or visor.To do this, calculate the middle of the forehand and mark the same number of loops in different directions.Start knitting element when you reach its boundaries - add one (if you knit columns without nakida) or two (for mating with nakida) aerial loops on the rise, expand and move back to knitting.So knit until the item reaches the desired length.
Tie on the edge hat with a visor or ears thread of contrasting color.Decorate crochet knit hat pompons, appliqué, and tassels.