you need
  • - Yarn with pompons;
  • - the spokes;
  • - hook;
  • - glue or matches.
Before you start knitting yarn from with pompoms , secure the end of the thread so that it does not pushilsya.To do this, dip it in glue prizhgite match or just tie a knot.
If you knit with needles, dial the loop of bridges between pompoms .Just tighten the loop of the bridge and replace the needle.In order to knit a scarf, enough 8-9 loops.
Turn needle and knit an edge loop (with one of the pompons will fall vertically).Then provyazyvayte normal facial loops loops.The next series of facial knit, to get a smooth canvas.Pompons straighten standing on the same side.Thus knit all the canvas.
To get the wadding from with yarn pompoms , constantly knit facial loops and straighten the pompoms on the front side, on the underside.
At the end product can make the fringe.To do this, typing the loop, do not twist around each jumper and two missing.The first row is already knit as usual provyazyvaya each thread between pompoms .Finishing knitting, knit the last row is also missing two jumpers (or three pompoms).
to the canvas turned out not so loose and soft, of each interval between pompoms provyazyvayte two loops.In this case, the product will pliable, but denser.
yarn pompoms can complement the product to crochet.Knit fabric with conventional columns nakida thread suitable color.Every sixth column provyazyvayte follows: nakida, stretched from the chain loop of the previous row, provyazyvaniya "pompon" yarn.Do not forget to rectify the pom-poms on one side of the product.The product received a very warm and will be good to keep the shape.