detective series will always find its audience.It is interesting to watch the movies heroes who find themselves in a tense situation, trying to guess who the main villain.Among the audience there is no consensus as to what is the best detective series.Older people enjoy the quieter scenes, young people anxiously watching exciting dramas.

Detectives for the older age group

Most adult viewers like a pretty cool series where the main character is a woman of respectable age - Miss Marple.Natural observation, a logical turn of mind, help her solve the mystery faster than it does the police.

This insightful heroine come up with a famous writer Agatha Christie.Thanks to the reader, and then the audience could get acquainted and see some detective series about the detective Hercule Poirot.

His method is based on psychological experiments that help calculate the villains.Looking at this detective series, like the one where the truth skillfully finds Miss Marple, you can have fun not only to follow the story, but also admire the beauty of the quiet English villages.

Similar views viewer observes in the TV series "Midsomer Murders."There are no dizzying chases, crazy martial arts, since the action is also taking place against the backdrop of a suburban British neighborhood of the last century.

film history for the middle-aged

People belonging to this group, like the Russian detective.Film epic "Streets of Broken Lights" is not as popular as before, but the authors of serial detective shoot a sequel, replace characters and invent new stories.

series "Secrets of the investigation" is also removed a long time - since 2000.During this time, the main character of the story had time to get married, have children who have grown up considerably.Charm Maria Shevtsova, played by Anna Kovalchuk, an incredible other actors, intricate stories attract new screens large enough audience.

Detectives Youth

In place of 12-year-old boy from the series "Brothers detectives" would be many teenagers - a busy fans of the genre.After all, this young man is a genius, he unravels the most complex cases.

Ironically, "the prosecutor's investigation" is also fond of watching teenagers.Maybe, thanks to effortless fun jokes, which are in each series.

American serial film "Boom", in addition to the beginning of a detective, has the status of "science fiction movie."Such a lot of teenagers watching with pleasure.