you need
  • - Knitting;
  • - spokes thickness of thread.
Polupatentnuyu gum can be linked in two ways.Selecting depends on what kind of product you are knitting needles and any express or circular.In the direct pattern will turn out on the wrong side of the work.The number of loops have to be odd.
Dial loops in the usual way, pull out one needle and remove an edge.The first row will be considered facial.He knits 1 loop to remove neprovyazannoy nakida (thread before work, that is, the loop is removed as the Wrong), 1 facial.Alternate way loop until the end of the series.Before edge you must be loop Discontinued nakida.
second row provyazyvayte shot loop with nakida front and underside -
a drawing.At the end of the row in front edge should be nakida and remove the loop in the previous row.Knit their face.Repeat pattern with the first row.
on circular needles convenient to carry polupatentnuyu gum other way.It is also suitable for direct, also fit slightly faster first option.Similarly, enter an odd number of loops on the knitting needles straight or even in the circular.In the second case, close the knitting circle.The first row knit, alternating between the right and wrong of the loop.When circular knitting Be especially careful at the end of the series.There should not be two identical loops in a row.When the figure spoke straight to the edge should be Wrong.
second row provyazyvayte facial loops of the facial loops of the previous row and purl - for the drawing.On straight spokes in the front end of the front edge should get.With the third-row pattern is repeated.
Close polupatentnuyu gum exactly the same as a patent.In the last row do not do nakida.Nakida and facial loops of the previous row knit together.In the last number of extreme and following loop provyazyvayte together in a pattern that is turned to the front of the face and on the underside - Wrong.