"Happy Together"

Like many other Russian TV series "Happy Together" - an adaptation of the popular foreign series "Married With Children."The foundations of the family, the main characters and even many jokes have been remodeled and adapted for the Russian audience, and our time.The series tells the story of a family Bukin, which has a husband who works in a shoe store, and a loser in life, his wife, a housewife, is constantly sticking out of the TV and their children.Svetlana, daughter Bukin, beauty, truth deprived mind, and the son of Roma, though clever, but all his father - a loser.Initially, the series consisted of three seasons, but then it was decided to take on, is completely under the script.In 2013, at the end of the 6th season of the show ended, though according to the actors it is likely that the extension will be.


serial "Univer" aired o

n TNT from August 2008 until May 2011. In the story, the son of tycoon escapes from the prestigious university in England simple Moscow University, to prove to his father that he is independent.Basically, all the actions in the series takes place in a student dormitory №3, in which the protagonists learn to fall in love and get into awkward situations.In the series, students are pretty funny, though, Valais, though looks, at first glance, different, but places are copies of each other.The series was quite popular, but as is the case with the TV series "Soldiers", it did not cause young people reluctant to go to school.


series "Interns" quickly gained the love of the Russian audience.Fortunately Russia does not know much about foreign series "The Clinic", which was partially taken the idea and, in some series, even the plot and jokes.The series revolves around a young intern who teaches evil and tsenichny Dr. Bykov.Comical situations in which heroes show what is wrong with medicine in Russia?The big difference from the foreign series, by the way, is - the Russian version there is only one character who is happy all the time, and it is the doctor himself Bykov.It is this image of a television actor presented the award "Golden Rhino".Also, in addition to references to the "clinic" in the series and has a reference to the TV series "House MD".For example, in one series Kisegach Levin said that he was offered an internship at Princeton Hospital.In another series of Kisegach Bykov said, that he "did not include" Dr. House.


series "Kitchen", oddly enough, is not about the girls in his place, but the cook by vocation - Maxim Lavrov.The series of attempts to exercise its mechtu- become a famous chef.Maxim arrives in Moscow and finds a job in a restaurant Dmitry Nagiyev.The "kitchen" in each series has three equal storylines, and at the end of the series, as a result, sound philosophy phrase from the lips of the protagonist."Kitchen" - is the most expensive Russian sitcom - a series costs $ 200,000.The series uses a reference to a variety of television and kinoshedevram.Naprimer cite Hans Laya from "Inglourious Basterds."At this point remove the fourth season of the show, so fans can rejoice in anticipation.


series became terribly popular in Russia, because it is about "the present fizruka."The plot revolves around Dmitry Nagiyev, who in the series plays the role of a former security guard thief authority, and most fizruka.The series is incredibly popular among students, because it featured their usual routine.Due to the fact that Nagiyev very talented replays, as required in the Russian sitcoms and through banal quotations at the level of "Our Rashi", this show loved by millions of Russians.It is said that due to "fizruk" Students stopped loving the weekend as the series goes on weekdays only.