Released series "Supernatural" Season 11

TV series "Supernatural" is one of the oldest projects of the channel CW.It should be noted that since its inception, the series comes with extraordinary success: its ratings is not only not falling, but rising to a high standard.9 final series of the season at the same time faced two million people that this genre is very high.

head channel CW Mark Pedouits at a press conference, said that he plans to further prosperity of the series.In addition, Mark said that he is a fan of "Supernatural", he liked the acting and he looks every series.The saga will continue as long as the actors agreed to play in the series.Thus, according to the schedule of filming the TV series "Supernatural", the season will be shown on 11 screens

around October 2015.

creators also noted that the plan to create a spin-off of "Supernatural."The project will be called "Supernatural: Season 1 Tribes."

leading roles in the TV series by actor Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.An interesting fact is that the creators of the project drew up an agreement with the data of the actors to 2016.Thus, we can assume that "Supernatural" Season 11 finishes famous megaepopeyu.Indeed, the creators say that overwhelmed with requests from fans all over the world about the sequel.

The plot of the series "Supernatural┬╗

main characters are brothers Sam and Dean Winchester.They are committed to travels in America and destroyed the evil spirits.

Mother brothers died in mysterious circumstances.My father tried to find out the cause of her death, but it turned out that he was gone.Children have always helped my father and engaged in a struggle with evil spirits.

Brothers are committed to investigating the cause of her mother's death and the loss of his father, traveling through the towns and villages of the United States and solve paranormal phenomena which occur.