you need to dress.It is a basic element of the suit and can be white, pale pink or blue flowers.Ideal for light dress coat.On the left sleeve or pocket dress red cross stitch.To fabricate this printed pattern, in which the two strips are at an angle of ninety degrees relative to each other and intersect exactly in the middle.The finished mold pins to Pin a piece of red cloth and set with chalk shape of a cross on the fabric.On all sides, add the seam allowance of about half a centimeter and then cut with scissors the resulting shape of the outer contour.Edges left on the hem, wrap, after making an incision in all corners of the cross before reaching the line patterns of about 2 mm.Ba
ste the finished shape to the dress and sew by hand or on a typewriter.Try to make a line indented millimeter from the edges of the cross.

If the dress is not ready, you can order a tailor to sew clothes or themselves.For this you need any pattern dress, preferably with a zipper in front, or robe.Ideally, if the sleeves are short, with cuffs and collar - small stands.To fit the cutout erotic image "neckline."Fabric is desirable to choose a simple, not synthetic.On the finished dress sew a red cross.
Sew apron nurse.It can be quite different shapes - square, semi-circular, with or without the breast, with ruffles.Apron desirable to make from a piece of white cloth.Make a pattern for parts of the apron.To do this, draw a curve desired shape and cut it out with scissors.You can do without a "top" apron confine hem and two ties, fastening at the waist.Cutting the fabric, leaving a seam allowance, sew and make a hem on the perimeter of the product.Ties sew to the top of the hem.
Riding Hood nurses can be made of white caps, cap with flaps, bottom and drawstring, as well as a broad rim of white fabric.

Prepare white, pre-starched cloth from which to tailor a wide strip.The length of cloth equals the circumference of the head plus one-two centimeters at the seams.Fold the edges of the product and turn the strip into a ring.At the junction of the edge stitch.You have turned a headdress, which is attached to the hair with the help of pins or invisible.On the front cap sew a red cross.
Complete suit medical devices: syringe, syringe, stethoscope.Put on your shoes: shoes with heels or leather neat slippers.Then it all depends on your imagination.For erotizirovannosti image can be worn as socks or stockings, lipstick bright lipstick.To pick up a festive carnival thematic poem or anecdote in the health theme.