Crochet hook consists of a rod, beard and head.Choosing a hook, it is important to confirm that the head is not too sharp, otherwise you will be constantly pricking fingers while knitting.Besides, too sharp head can split or break fragile fluffy yarn.The sale can be found with special hooks are very sharp heads, such hooks are used for a variety of bundling dense tissue.It should be noted that the head of the hook must not be too rounded, because in this case to introduce the hook into the loops of the product may be difficult.
If the head of the hook immediately goes into a thick rod, inexperienced knitters may be difficult to carry out a dense and smooth pattern, so it's best to choose a model that expands gradually.
number or hook size should depend on the chosen yarn for knitting.To obtain a dense product, t
he hook has to be slightly thinner than the selected thread, in which case it will be very careful to capture the thread, but it does not break down into components.The correct hook should easily slide into the loops, almost without stretching them.
Typically, yarns and threads, and hooks are measured in millimeters, but in some cases it may not be accurate, since some brands use a labeling system.As a rule, buying off the hook or yarn in good stores allow you to associate the sample.This allows you to understand how you are satisfied with selected materials and tools.
Hooks can be made of different materials.The most common and cheapest option is plastic.They are quite easy and convenient, but in some cases may electrify the yarn.Do not choose too flexible plastic hooks.
wooden hooks, on the other hand, is not very common.They are light, but often electrifying yarn.Moreover, their surface is rapidly covered with irregularities and burrs which prevent sliding of the thread.
very common aluminum hooks.They are not electrified, are low cost and relatively high strength.Unfortunately, aluminum hooks often stain the fingers and bright yarn.
most practical are steel hooks.They can be used for any kind of thread.Such hooks can serve for many years.
There are hooks combined, combining several materials.Typically, such tools handles made from plastic or wood, and the rod - of metal.These hooks are very comfortable in the hands, but with the purchase of these instruments should always pay attention to the mounting location of the rod to the handle.It must not be too narrow, otherwise the hook can easily break.