Quilting, common in the days of the older generations, and now popular.However, we know it is no longer the word "patchwork" that took place from the English «patchwork» (quilt).

still do not cease debate about the country's patchwork appearance.Some samples were found date back to the period of BC, for example, the product of the leather elements created in Egypt, or Japanese patchwork suit, submitted in one of Tokyo's museums.However, in most cases it considered to be the ancestor of patchwork England.

In the 16th century, this country flooded bright fabrics from India, but their shipments were banned in 1712.The British government wanted to maintain its own production of matter.Indian cotton, which is still hitting the shelves, supplied illega
lly, and therefore sold at exorbitant prices.It was then that the British masters first thought about the economy and began to use the remaining scraps for decorating clothes and tailoring various interior items.

After the quilt was spread in Europe in the 18th century, learned about it and the United States, where this kind of needlework moved along with seeking a new life by Europeans.Thanks Quilt-poor immigrants were able to provide themselves with clothing.

in Russia patchwork technique originally used when pereshive and repair old clothes.Moreover, some products do not even created from scraps of fabric and garments from more unfit to wear.And some of them were sewn quilts, knit mats and other products for household items.

In the 19th century, Russia has significantly expanded the textile industry, and that's when people umelitsy able to fully appreciate the beauty of patchwork.Assortment of colorful fabrics of cotton allows us to develop creative thinking at tailoring.No wonder that folk style was in Russia such an extension, and has not lost it and to this day.

Now patchwork technique is not only a fashionable fad housewives, but also a way of expression of professional artists.Exhibit dedicated to patchwork, represented in museums around the world.In addition, the annual exhibition-festival of international format gives an opportunity to showcase their talents, share experiences or simply to buy gifts for loved ones.