you need
  • - colored paper;
  • - scissors;
  • - adhesive;
  • - base (paper or image);
  • - pins;
  • - quilling tool.
To make the card in the technique of quilling, select the picture - the basis on which you'll be spinning shaped ribbons, or take a sheet of cardboard, if you want to create their own image.
pins Designate outline the main image on your card, for example, it can be heart, flower, Christmas trees, any animal or bird.Between the pins leave about 5-6 mm.Once you have fully identified the contour on your card, gently apply on it a thin layer of glue.
Cut out of colored paper tape width 1-1.5 cm, length of the belt should match your image.Next, glue the ribbon on the edge of the circuit.For the circuit you can not choose the color paper, and corrugated cardboard, it is slightly thicker and therefore will cope with
the task.If the belt is long, you can trim it or twist at the end.
When the loop is done, you can begin the quilling technique.Cut long strips of colored paper 1 cm wide, take a special tool for quilling.Screw the tool on the first strip of paper, ready to leave the roll tightly twisted or slightly relax, roll the tip of the glue stick to the bottom.Make colored rolls of all the paper strips.
By slight pressure, you can change the form of rolls.When all the elements to fill the main element will be willing to carefully glue them inside the main elements of your cards.To look more interesting card, use different colors, even if they are not relevant.For example, the heart does not necessarily make completely red, and a Christmas tree - completely green.
Once all the elements are glued, let them dry and then remove the pin that serves as a support for the circuit.
Postcard quilling technique is ready!