you need
  • To associate children's mittens:
  • - about 100 m (200 m / 50 g) yarn
  • - 5 spokes number 3 about 15 cm long
Dial 44 loops, spread them on four needles and close to the ring.Tie a rubber band (alternately 1 front, 1 Wrong) cuff desired length.
Then knit all the spokes 2 rows facial loops.The first 22 loops - the inside of the gloves, the last 22 loops - outer.for wedge thumb mark the 2nd and 4th loop inside.3 after a series of 1st and 2nd marked loops to add on one hinge.Knit 2 rows without pribyvok.Next, add 2 loops, as described above.Repeat increments every 2 rows up until the added loops will not 16.
16 loops for the thumb to leave for safety pin.Above left hinge type 7 loops and knit 1 row of facial.To get a wedge of thumb, you need to subtract 7 gradually dialed loops.To do t
his, every 1 loop jumper provyazyvat with a slope to the left, the last - along the front.On the spokes must remain 44 loops.Then knit 4 straight needles about 4 cm.
To form the top of the mitten subtract loops: knit 1 front loop inside, 2 and 3 loops knit together the front.On the outside of the gloves ubavki ubavki perform similarly.In the first two and last two loops of internal and external parties to form the track, located between the tracks 16 loops should be subtracting.On each side of the hinge half turn down in every 2 row.On the spokes will be 8 loops that need to pull together.
Now you need to associate your thumb.The spokes 16 loops of the wedge to translate from pulling dial 6 loops = 22 loops.Hinges divided into 3 needles and knit a number of facial.Then perform a wedge, like a bridge over, so that there is 16 loops.Knit straight, about 3 cm. Then begin to diminish the loop.At the end of each spoke last two loops knit together face.The remaining loops pull.