Before going to the store, make a list of requirements to be met by the required serger.To do this, you decide what you are going to do with it and what tasks it should handle.
Arriving at the store, explain the sales assistant what you want from the purchased sewing assistant.After listening to the wishes and requirements, the consultant is required to offer the equipment request.Check whether the serger is equipped with a converter, with which you can perform two 6 stitches thread weave.
Check for additional upper niteukladchikov through which you can perform double-si
ded decorative seams.Some models thanks to this supplement can perform desyatinitochny and three-needle flat seam and seven decorative seams.
Make sure you have the needle threader through which can save time and hassle, and differential feed, which will facilitate the work of a stretch fabrics (eg, knit).
Check in overlock looper chain stitch, with which you can carry with flat seams and double-needle stitching three on the front side.Such joints are used for suturing sleeveless T-shirts.Overlock with looper can work Sewing machines.
overlock When you purchase via a dedicated online store, read the instructions.On many sites, users are asked to compare overlock on their main characteristics.Then select the best option based on price and functionality overlock.
In terms of reliability, choose only proven sewing equipment firms such as Brother, Janome and Pfaff.Overlock these famous brands successfully established themselves and are suitable for use in the home and at work.