you need
  • - paraffin (finished chips or cut in the usual candle);
  • - wick;
  • - fitilederzhatel;
  • - 2 forms of different sizes (especially for the manufacture of candles or any other capacity);
  • - ware for the water bath;
  • - flavor or essential oil;
  • - fat-soluble dye (wax crayon);
  • - seashells, starfish;
  • - a piece of twine;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - tray or pad (to protect the table surface from paraffin);
  • - disposable gloves.
grease forms a thin layer of liquid dishwashing detergent or vegetable oil.More - inside the small - from the outside.Insert one another and fill the space between the shells.
Wear gloves, melt the wax to full transparency in a water bath (not in a micro
wave and not on fire!).
Fill shells.Once hardens (about an hour), even melt the wax and pour in the shell to the inner edges of the form.
Leave to solidify, about 2 hours.Remove the inner form.
in a small amount of melted wax crayons add chips.
color wax in molten form more intense than frozen.
Pour a little color wax on the bottom, insert the wick in fitilederzhatel and secure with skewers that was well stretched and went strictly by the center.
When hardens, melt the remaining wax with wax crayons and fill to the brim with a candle.Leave a bit of wax, because, freezing, he prosyadet around the wick.This will have a small funnel to fill, here is adding 8-15 drops of flavor.
After hardening (3-4 hours), remove the candle from the mold.If not removed, you can pre-clean it in the fridge for 5-8 minutes.
shells to become more visible, walls, heat the hair dryer on medium power.Paper towels flatten defects arising due to the heat.Decorate with candles on your own.