Knitting machines differ in the type of management.The most simple and therefore cheap - it slitting.They are good for beginners, just to learn the basics of automatic knitting.As an example, can be called Severyanka - she knits only Stocking pattern for more complex patterns have to shift the thread by hand.The second category - punch-card devices - the most popular due to the possibility to select pattern by the tamping holes on punched cards.The most "advanced" - electronic machines, their program is given on a computer and then transferred to the unit itself.For the electronics there is no limit in the performance patterns.
following principles, which should be guided by the skilled worker in the selection of the knitting machine, is the
degree of the quality of future products.Punch-card devices relating to the mid-range are divided into single and dvuhfonturnye.Odnofonturny device is able to knit in a straight line, that is, the back or the front of sweaters and dresses, scarves and other fabric.In principle, it can overpower, hats and mittens, but with the last will be too beautiful seams, especially messy looking at the fingers of gloves.Wrong side of the colored things will look like a mixture of stretched threads.While things vyvyazannye on dvuhfonturnoy machine, the inside has a smooth, solid feel.And the range of patterns has a much richer.On the machine with manual control in the presence of skill can link good things, and the opposite for manufacturability Electronics will open the way to a world of products and bundles with an openwork pattern.
Unfortunately, to buy a generic knitting machine can not be - it certainly would apply to a particular class.The lower the grade, the thicker the thread will be pawned.The most versatile is considered to number five.It is intended for yarn 300-400 m coil 100 g, but this parameter can vary in both directions.And if you skip every second needle, the fabric will be linked as the third class on a typewriter.
is important and the place where the purchase is carried out.It should be a specialty store or department of a supermarket which sells appliances.You can not buy knitting machines with it - they not only stand on the guarantee, but may have hidden problems that you were not allowed to operate normally.The main producers are the Neva, Brother, Toyota and Silver, and import different noise reduction and better management.The price range starts from 10 thousand rubles and ends beyond the hundreds.