you need
  • wax, paraffin or stearin, wax crayons, essential oils, molds, wicks, a pencil or a toothpick, food colors, decoration elements.
Spark - it's a great souvenir, able to bring to the holiday atmosphere of mystery and a touch of romanticism.Today, it is no surprise candles made with their own hands.All you need to do, you can buy in a specialist shop or do ordinary business candles and improvised means.And if you take care of the decorations for candles and fragrances, you can make a souvenir, many times surpassing beauty and its properties-store options.
candle can be made from wax, paraffin or stearin.If this is your first experience of this office, it is better to stop paraffin, or better yet - buy ordinary household candles.So you do not have to spend time in the production of wicks.C
ut the candles on small pieces, remove them and put wicks raw material is melted in a water bath.All pre-cooked molds for candles to lubricate the inside of the dish detergent.As the molds can be used a variety of capacities - from yogurt cups, cake pans, children Pasco conventional glass beakers and other. Glasses are good that it will be visible through the glass all the decorations you use.
To fix the wick in the mold to one end of it you need to bind some sinker and another toothpick or pencil so that he provided the location of the wick in the center of the future is strictly candles.Now for molten paraffin.For it is possible to use conventional coloring food coloring or natural ingredients - turmeric, cocoa, carrot or beet juice, etc.. The easiest and most economical option - a wax crayons for drawing.It is not necessary to use for these purposes gouache or watercolors, since they are not able to mix well with the wax or paraffin.In this case, they just settle to the bottom and will swim in the bulk cereal.
If you wish, you can use candles for decoration shadow or lipstick.However, it should be remembered that exuded a candle fragrance may not always be pleasant.If you already are talking about the smell, the flavor oils fit.Moreover, you can always pick up the flavor, depending on his mood and effect, which are planning to get.For example, the essential oil of orange is cheerful and give energy, soothing lavender and vanilla arouse lust.
At the final stage, add the paraffin decoration elements.It all depends on your imagination.Suitable everything glitter, seashells and pebbles, buttons, beads, coffee beans, flowers and leaves, etc.Carefully pour the wax into preheated molds and allow to fully cool down the candle at rest.If you have any problems with it taking out of shape, you can try to put it in the refrigerator or on the contrary, slightly warmed in warm water.The finished candle further decorate with ribbons, threads, ribbons and other scrap materials.