Tip 1: How to care for orchids

divinely beautiful and unusual - orchid flowers.This tropical plants.They often collect used in the symbolism and the company name.Most recently for lovers of home gardening orchids were inaccessible.They can be found only in special nurseries in nature.

But people have tamed this mysterious plant, and were able to take care of orchids at home.It should be noted in this case is not the place for people lazy.Orchid must be reverent attitude and care.

Let's look at all the same, how to care for orchids:

  1. Orchid need to be planted in a special substrate.You can buy it, but you can prepare your own.To do this, dry pine bark boiled a couple of times at intervals of a few days to get rid of harmful insects.Then cut it into small pieces and mixed with pulverized dried sphagnum moss.

  2. Pot choose transparent or white to the roots of plants do not overheat the sun.Let it be plastic, so that the roots of orchids did not stick to the walls and not to injure the transplant.Make sure that the pot had holes -
    for good ventilation and to avoid stagnant water.

  3. When the pot ready, at the bottom, as a movement for good drainage of water, put the pieces of foam.Then he laid the substrate, so that it took three-quarters of the pot.Then place the orchid.You can not press down roots!Then fill up the remainder of the substrate.

  4. important to remember that the orchid requires a transplant no more frequently than every three years.

  5. As for the lighting, the orchid - photophilous plant, which, however, is better protected from the midday sun.To do this, place a flower on the east or west window.

  6. Orchids thrive best at temperatures between + 20C to + 25C.

  7. Water the orchid summer every two or three days, and in the winter - once or twice a week.Use with warm water.Better that it be defended.You also need to spray the flowers every morning with warm water.

  8. addition to regularly water the orchid, always further "lure" her.This can be done by special fertilizers 1 every week during growth and flowering, 1 time per month in the rest of the time.

  9. Any Florist waiting impatiently the time of flowering.Orchids that happens at the age of one and a half - two and a half years.Sometimes it happens that the impetus for the flowering can give a reduction of watering or drop in air temperature.

  10. To flowered orchid can be used as a hot shower.To do this, put a flower in the bathroom and pour a gentle stream of water (40 ° C) for several minutes.Then let the water flow down, and you dab middle of a tissue plant to avoid rotting.

  11. If you notice signs of a plant such as the shrinkage stress, or yellowing of leaves, lack of flowering, it is best to look for it somewhere else and adjust the conditions of detention.Once accustomed orchid, it will grow and delight you with their blooms.

Tip 2: All about Orchids: How to care

Orchid is a wonderful and mysterious flower.It can be white, purple, orange, red, pink, burgundy, greenish and yellowish colors.Its petals embellished patterns and patches.Orchid growing in the subtropical and tropical forests.but occurs as an exotic houseplant is a very moody and needs an individual approach, care and attention.
All about Orchids: How to care

Features watering and fertilizing orchids

Watering orchids should be implemented as a complete drying of the substrate in which it grows.Depending on various factors, this process can take from 2 to 20 days.The flower pot with drainage must be present to excess moisture does not stagnate, and could follow.

orchid Watering should be warm water (35-40 degrees), previously softened by running it through the filter.Too soft, distilled water for irrigation is not recommended, it is best diluted with plain water from the tap in the ratio of 1: 1.

watering procedure should be carried out in the morning.Moreover, it should be done so that the liquid is evenly distributed in a flowerpot.Orchids should be watered in the bathroom is not particularly powerful jet.In addition to the roots, plants absorb more moisture and leaves, so they also need to spray.

hour after watering the remaining moisture from the flower must be removed, wiped its leaves.From left after watering white streaks on the leaves of the orchid can be removed by wiping them with a beer or a solution of lemon juice and water (1: 1).

Orchids do not like the dry, dusty air, they need high humidity.They love moisture, but if it is too much, the root of a flower may rot.

Besides watering, orchid is still in need of feeding.which can be bought in specialized shops.During growth and flowering is recommended to feed the flower with a frequency of once a week, other times - once a month.

Lighting flower

Orchids are light-loving plants.In winter, they need a bright diffused light at least 10-15 hours a day.In the summer, they should be protected from direct sunlight.During warmer months, the optimal temperature for the orchid is considered the gap from 20 to 25 ° C, in the winter - not less than 17 ° C.

plants can not bear too much hot air, so the room in which they are located, must be aired frequently.Orchid can be set and the fresh air, but it is important to avoid drafts, as they can destroy it.

Blooming orchid

orchid blooming starts at the age of 1.5-2.5 years.Wait until this point can be difficult, even with proper care for it.To speed up the process of flowering, plants need to make a little stress.The appearance of the flower may contribute to the reduction of irrigation or extreme temperature changes (hold the orchid for the night at a temperature of 18 ° C, and in the morning it will move to a warm place).
Care home orchid
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