1. «Goldcrest - bird singing» , author: Reshad Nuri Gyuntekin.The eponymous TV series, held at the end of the summer on Channel "Home", has done a lot of noise among fans of the book.The story, full of tender feelings and experiences.The main character - Feride, soon left without parents and got into the boarding school for girls, but kept the character of briskness and cheerful disposition.For his skill and love for climbing trees girl was nicknamed Chalykushu (Goldcrest).Feride We have relatives whose house she visits on weekends.There, she broke out the first and strongest feeling - love for his cousin Kamran.This love Feride will carry through all the obstacles of

life, raise up and strengthen in your heart, to find a welcome at the end of personal happiness.

2. «Love ruler» , Author: Albert Cohen.According to the book was made into a movie "Lovers" with the top model Natalia Vodianova in the title role.Young dreamer Ariadne married but unhappy.To her husband, she is just a beautiful doll that can be taken, to play with her for a few minutes and put back on the shelf collecting dust.She entertains himself by coming up with dialogues and voiced their different voices, long evening sitting in a bath with fragrant foam.During walks Ariadne mentally talking with clouds, trees and other attributes of the world, because she no longer had someone to talk to.And in her little world rushes Solal - successful politician, cynical, defiant, passionate, as crazy in their thoughts and desires.Crazy mutual attraction exalt them to heaven, only to topple into the abyss of nothingness.

3. «Letter from an Unknown Woman» , author Stefan Zweig.What could feel the person who has received a letter from a woman who always invisibly present in his life, but he did not notice?The disappointment and emptiness.He - a successful writer, a favorite of women, does not remember their faces in moments of passion.The hero realizes that his precious life, which he spent on pleasure costs nothing compared with the life of a girl who sincerely loved him all this time?To learn the truth about himself, the man sometimes need to look at ourselves.

4. «Yes, pray, love» , author Elizabeth Gilbert.This autobiographical book about how a man loses himself to regain.A simple theory: the more you cry out to pleas from the fate of happiness, the more will be sent to the suffering, because only through the loss can enjoy all the pleasures of existence.The modern vision of a strong woman, for which there is, to pray and to love - it means to live and breathe in deeply, enjoying every moment as the last.

5. «See you» , Author: Jojo Moyes.The main character, Will plays in life as roulette: with passion and a huge waste.The fate punishes him for this accident and the diagnosis of paralysis.Instead of extreme pleasure and Will gets depression and unwillingness to live.She saves him from this state young nurse Louise - a good and decent girl, able to enjoy life and to give that joy to others.Reading this book, please be clean handkerchief, because the acuteness of the senses protagonists able to knock out a tear from even the hardened cynics.