term "note" - a symbol or graphic that indicates the sound of his height and length.To be able to recognize and read music, you have to learn to read music.She taught in the secondary schools of music and singing lessons.But it is possible to learn on their own.
First of all, remember the name of music.There are only seven, "to", "D", "E", "F", "G", "A", "B".And they are located (like the letters in the alphabet) in that order.
are written notes on a stave, or staves, which represents five parallel lines traced.They believe from the bottom up.To expand stave using additional lines that are drawn in at the bottom and top of the staves.Notes can be placed directly on the rulers, and between them.
higher on a stave written note, the higher the sound.For each l
ine, and spaced staves fixed ordinal value of the notes.Moreover, the order never changes.
If the note "E" is written on the first line, then behind her, in the interval between the first and the second line is "F" on the second line - "salt" and so on.Below the first line is written the note "D", and to "do" the extra line is drawn at the bottom.To identify and read the note, it is necessary to define its position on the staff.
to determine the starting notes, which are arranged with respect to all the others, use the keys.The most common are two: treble and bass.The first key is also called the "salt" and the second - the key "F".
keys are placed at the beginning stave (left) and is the starting point for reading notes.The treble clef is usually written for a party of the right hand, and bass - to the left.
Curl treble clef "salt" starts on the second line stave, it is a note on it "salt» I octaves.All other notes on staves automatically calculated and determined with respect to it.
Bass Clef "F" begins on the fourth line, and indicates that it is on it is the same name the note of the small octave.The rest are located in the order above or below it.The name of this key is derived from the word bass (low male voice).The bass clef notes written in lowercase.
order not to err in determining the note, it is necessary to look at the key is located at the beginning of the staff.Remember that the treble clef starts on the line with the note "G» I octave and a bass - on the line with the note "fa" small octave.All other notes are placed on them.