First you need to deal with the lunar day of your birth.To do this, try to determine the sign of the zodiac in which the Moon was in the time of your birth, as well as the phase of the moon, in which it was at the same time.Not an easy task, as the moon changes its position in this day almost every year.If one were to define the position of the sun, the problems have almost was not, as it keeps the periods of stay in
the signs of the zodiac every year, every month.
Find the lunar calendar, which shows all the phases of the moon, and all its provisions during the year in which you were born.If you get it, it's great.You will easily cope with the task.True find these calendars are not always easy.Try to contact the library, where there is a rich department with books, documents and maps on astrology.Chat on the forum, maybe someone has what you need.Or, finally, go to any salon to the people involved in the prediction of fate, they also have a lot of that.If you are lucky, there will and the desired calendar.
If you are still unable to find anywhere lunar calendar of the year in which you were born, do not despair.There is an opportunity to define the lunar day of his birth.
More even ancient people knew that there is a nineteen-year cycle of the moon, which has another name - the circle of the moon.Each of the phases of the moon falls on the same day of the month every nineteen years.So, do not necessarily look the lunar calendar is the year of birth of his and his alone.Try searching for a calendar for one of those years when you were, like, 19 years, 38 years, 57 years and so on, that is the number of years must be divisible by 19.
If thesesearches were unsuccessful, try one of the programs determine the lunar birthday, offered at various sites dedicated to astrology.However, in this case, for greater accuracy and confidence, try to calculate this date is not the same, and in several applications.