find out the exact time of occurrence of embroidery is not possible.However, it is known that the first steps towards this were taken from the beginning of understanding the process of sewing.At first this was with the help of coal needles, hair, wool and lived.They pierced the skin of dead animals.Then people learned how to make the yarn and then weave.After that there was a need to decorate clothing and bedding.

first embroidery found in China, they met around the 5th century BCDifferent Chinese product refinement and precision stitching.Performs embroidery on silk fabric, thin thread, and using gold and jewelry.Handstitched skills Celestial Empire had a great influence on the creative skills of Russian, Japanese and European m
asters.In the same era came the first beads, and after him and embroidery with its use.

Embroidery in Russia

In Russia, when people worshiped pagan gods, on canvas and bedspreads embroidered symbols of faith of each settlement.Then it became a tradition.Girls from childhood accustomed to manual work and crafts.Before her marriage she had to sew myself a dowry, which included clothing, bedding, curtains, tablecloths and bedspreads.Traditionally the embroidery was done on linen cloth or canvas.The ability to use more expensive and beautiful materials were only priests, monks and courtiers.

Embroidered fabric used in the decoration of churches, royal chambers and clothing.To create a pattern using silk, velvet and satin.Threads can be gold, twisted or silk.In addition, the products were decorated with beads, gold, pearls and precious stones.Of course, the richest paintings and drawings were members of the royal family.

With the adoption of Christianity embroidery motifs have become more diverse.Performs they mostly red thread.Each province developed its own typical only for a particular locality drawings.Almost every ornament had its own symbolic meaning.The most popular cross-stitch and embroidery.

makes the picture in the style of Richelieu began in the 17th century in Europe.Embroider ribbons began in France in the second half of the 18th century.Rumor has it that it was a favorite hobby of the royal family.Also in the 19th century there was the first machine for needlework.

Now embroidery is not a necessity.Few hand clothes or decorate the interior.More popular embroidered.And this kind of craft is no longer just a female prerogative.Now embroidery addicted men, finding employment is very interesting and time consuming.