The variety of needlework does not allow creative individuals to miss.Since it held a lot of sets of courses of needlework such as sewing classes, knitting, soap making, beading, decoupage and, of course, felting.

What is felting?

felting - it is the oldest crafts in the world, which is almost 8000 years, and it can be said, returning from oblivion.
What is the art of felting?Natural wool has unique properties to slide and it allows artists to masters to create excellent products that look very original and interesting in its own way.Felting technique is used for the manufacture of panels, toys, various accessories, decoration, and even clothing.Skilled craftsmen create unique patterns of wool into fabric.

methods felting

There are two methods of felting - dry (Felti
ng) and wet.The most common way felting - dry.Using this method it is necessary to repeatedly puncture a special needle wool serif.In operation, the wool fibers are entangled with each other and form a dense material.

Nowadays Felting is used for printing on fabric and to create volume products.Conveniently, felting dry process is not required specially equipped workstation and uses the minimum set of tools, they do not occupy a lot of space - a needle, needle holder and the surface on which it is possible to work with wool.

Wet felting is used when you need to produce flat products, such as panels, paintings, clothing and it is no less interesting than the dry.The secret is simple technology of wet felting, it lies in the use of water and soap solution.With it, the friction between the fibers decreases, which contributes to better interaction and mixing between them.

For this purpose special solutions, but you can use the usual children's soap.Take into account that the liquid soap is not desirable to use in wet felting, as it can irritate the skin.In this way, using felting:
- coarse fleece;
- combed fleece;
- tiny hairs wool;
- whitewashed fleece;
- combed wool camel;
- semithin fleece.

in stores on needlework are available all materials for felting, you can also buy ready-made kits, including wool, tools and detailed instructions for the product, which is very convenient.