Alexander Blok, which gave the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, was able to go down in history as the greatest poet and playwright.It belongs to the brightest representatives of Russian Symbolism.This area has had a serious impact on the further development of not only Russian, but also world literature.His poems are known throughout the world, and the fate of the poet is necessarily linked with Russia, its soul.

first verse.The first collection

first poem Blok born in the age of five.All around, it was clear that the growing unusual boy who has the ability to poetry.As the family was from the upper class, the little Alexander studied science at the good teachers, have g
ood manners.In his work undoubtedly influenced education at St. Petersburg University.He graduated from the historical-philological faculty.It was at the University of Alexander Blok passion for culture and the arts.He practiced in acting, hoping to shine on stage.Apparently, that is why his poems are imbued with the gamut of feelings, different emotions painted.

Alexander Blok was a prominent man of his time, he came from a good family.This allowed him to marry the daughter of a famous scientist Mendeleev.It inspired the young wife of a young, full of hopes and dreams of Alexander to write and publish a collection, which was called "Poems of a lovely lady."

From lyrics - global social issues

But life is not only the love and dreams.The Revolution, which has become a hotbed of St. Petersburg, was reflected in the future work of the young poet.This event was dedicated to the poem "Twelve", known to many of our contemporaries.She is considered one of the best in the history of the world literature.

Unfortunately, Blok died too early.He did not immigrated from the country, contrary to forecasts, remained here, living and creating in a world full of poverty and disease.Living in such conditions has led to the appearance of social character in the poems of the poet.

Modern researchers have identified a number of areas in Blok's poetry.The earliest works belong to the bright symbolism.After the revolution of 1905 in his poetry is viewed more social themes.Also, there are lyrical works.He is a true poet, I could not do without love.But the bloc is increasingly tempting thought about the fate of all mankind.Experiencing the tragedy associated with the lives of ordinary people, the poet creates a "Rose and Cross", "Retribution".

That pen of Alexander Blok brought all known line "Night, street, lamp, drugstore," who are so fond of saying, even in modern advertising.